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Competition Information


There is a talent competition, NO minimum height requirements.

Official Language - English and Spanish are the official languages of the Miss Latina Florida Pageant INC. It is NOT a requirement for contestants to speak Spanish, although it is encouraged. Personal interviews with judges will be conducted in the language the contestant feels most comfortable speaking.

Requirements for  State  Participation:

* Be of a minimum age of 20 for Miss Latina Florida by December 2020 , under 27 years of age by December 31, 2020, 

* Be single, born female, not married or given birth to a child, nor been a parent.

* Be 18 & above for the category Mrs/Ms.(Married, with kids,etc).

* Be Between the ages of 13- 19 for Teen Latina Florida 2020.

*Be Between the ages of 10-12  for the  Pre-Teen Latina Florida 2020.

*Be Between the ages of 5-9 for the Little Miss Latina Florida 2020.

*Be Between the ages 2-4 for the Baby Latina Florida 2020.

* Be of Latin American origin by birth or ancestry and residing legally in the United States

* Reside continuously in the  state of Florida  for a minimum of six months prior to January 2020.

* Have an attractive appearance and personality, with weight proportional to height, and a respectable reputation; be able to travel abroad and have or be able to obtain the necessary documents for traveling outside of the United States.

* Contestants in the “Baby, Little, & Pre-Teen” category should look their age. This is NOT a Glitz pageant. There will be to no makeup in the “Little & Pre-Teen” category, only pink lip gloss, natural color nail polish, no fake nails, and no hair extensions. No fake eyelashes.

* One – Two inch (1”-2”) heels or wedges are allowed for the red shoes and any shoe worn for the judges interview.


# 1 Interview outfit: think of this like going for an interview. The job you are applying for is for the Miss Latina Florida. The interview is conducted the day before the pageant.

#2 Evening Gown competitions. This category determines elegance, poise, beauty and grace. We recommend long evening gowns for this category.

#3.Opening outfit One (1) (T-shirt provided by the pageant)

#4. National Costume (Costume which describes your native country.)

#5. Fashion Wear (Outfit which best describes your taste of fashion.)

#6. Sports Wear (TEEN CATEGORY), Outfit that promotes awareness to a better healthy lifestyle.


# Pay participation fee varies when you sign up. Fees are non-refundable. Checks should be made payable to Ivanimarie Torres, our director or to our pageant Miss Latina Florida Pageant, Here in the website or pay-pal.

A) Failure to follow these rules will disqualify the contestant.

B) Winner package is TBD ONLY with the winners.

C) No gossiping of any kind is allowed in this pageant.